Phil's Travel Log (Under Construction)

I've started writing some simple photo and movie processing apps (Facebook, mencoder helpers). Check them out here.

My other dev stuff is on a separate server
Darcs Repository

In an attempt to keep track of my many photos and movies from around the world, I've created a nerdy little website where you can view my latest attempt at capturing my travels on film. I stick a lot of these pics on FaceBook and at the moment their interface is prettier than mine - so if you get pissed off with my half baked interface go there. I should point out the 'download' drop-down option has a timeout imposed on it by my stupid webhost and the problem seems to be completely beyond their 'technical' support so expect the TAR stream it creates on the fly to drop connection after (I think) 3 minutes - thus use conservatively, if at all! Enjoy!


Right, I've started work on a proper website, it's still a work in progress, but it will be a vast improvement on this one. Until it's up to scratch I'll be keeping the page in place, and the new one is linked here:
New site - work in progress
09/2009 - Don't know if I'll ever get around to finishing this - I have more interesting projects on the go!

Retrieve Pics and Movies:
LA, NZ, French Polynesia
Morocco - Marrakech
Richmond - January Evening
Senegal - Dakar
Senegal - Petite Cote
Sinai - Canyon Dive
Sinai - Dahab
Sinai - Desert and Mt Sinai
Sinai - Lighthouse Dive
Sinai - Thistlegorm Dive

The Early Days and Chums (before this I used 35mm - I've got most of Europe in this 'retro' form, shame....)

Philip Beadling, 2007.